French Creek Workshops 2023

Here are the workshops planned so far. Please remember to bring $10 cash per workshop you plan to attend to be paid to the instructor:

9:30 – Catch Some Cool (New to You) Tunes

Taught by Christy Lou (fiddle) and Laura Alexander (cello) of Cornflower Jam and Rob Yoder on backup guitar.

This workshop will give you some fun (new to you) tunes to increase your jam repertoire. All instruments are welcome! Please bring a recording device (your phone is fine). We’ll teach each tune phrase by phrase and then jam so you can “catch” their essence in a session. The goal will be progress rather than perfection. We hope to get through three tunes in three different keys, but progress will depend on the comfort level and ability of the workshop participants. Beginners are welcome, but this workshop is geared toward players with some proficiency on their instrument of choice.

9:30 – Mountain Dulcimer with Norm Williams

Mountain Dulcimer as you like it. Norm will customize the workshop to suit the attendees.

9:30 – Mountain Dulcimer for Beginners with Bonnie Leigh

Are you starting from scratch? Always wanted to try out the mountain dulcimer? This is the class for you.

10:45 – Traditional Appalachian Songs

Taught by Ray Fifer and Laura Fitzsimmons of Cornflower Jam

For this workshop, we invite you to sing and immerse yourself in some beautiful Appalachian songs with interesting “crunchy” harmonies in two, three, or more parts! Again, we encourage you to bring a recording device so you can take the songs home. Beginners are (always) welcome but this workshop will be geared toward folks with the ability to learn different voice parts and carry a tune. 

10:45 – Hammered Dulcimer with Cliff Cole

Songs you know

10:45 – Clawhammer Banjo As You Like It with Rob Yoder

French Creek is “like a box of chocolates…” you know the rest. I’ll work with players who show up on clawhammer techniques and tunes based on skill levels. If necessary, I can teach beginning technique in the morning and some cool tunes in the afternoon (1:15ish)